Life Insurance

“Because the most important things in life aren’t things

We offer many solutions to the diverse needs of our valued clients:

  • Term Life Insurance
  • Whole/Universal Life Insurance
  • Buy-Sell Life Insurance
  • Annuities

How much life insurance do you need? This is always a difficult question to answer. A number of factors should be considered in making this determination:

  • Current income, and needed income to sustain the family’s lifestyle
  • Outstanding mortgages or business debt
  • Other debt that will need to be paid in the event of death
  • Plans for future savings that will not be met – college expenses, weddings, etc
  • Need for retirement income of surviving spouse

For help in this consideration, we recommend you visit the Erie Insurance website at and use their “Life Insurance Calculator” to get your thought process started. Then contact us to help you decide the right amounts and products to address your needs.

Benefits of Permanent Life Insurance and Annuities

Consider the advantages of universal or whole life insurance and annuities, particularly in today’s investment climate. These products can be an excellent vehicle for long or short term saving goals:

  • Guaranteed returns
  • Tax advantages
  • No risk
  • Flexible payments
  • Death benefits

These also make a unique and valuable gift for children and grandchildren on special occasions!

Term vs. Permanent Life Insurance – Bob McAllister Video

Life Insurance Cost/Need Analysis – Bob McAllister Video